Neal AsburyPresident at The Legacy Companies
I have worked with Deron internationally for many years. He has always been a passionate voice for expanding American exports. We have traveled extensively around the world putting deals together for large commercial kitchens. We have been in some hot spots such as Jakarta during the coup that toppled President Suharto. Deron has always been cool under fire both literally and figuratively. Deron's equipment has been exported very successfully because of his personal commitment. This has led to many good paying American manufacturing jobs. Besides being a strong voice for American exports, Deron is also an important advocate for American entrepreneurialism, small business ownership and manufacturing. As such he has appeared on my nationally syndicated talk radio show, "Neal Asbury's Made In America" produced by Radio America on multiple occasions. He is a clear voice on these important and complex topics that is always enjoyed by my listeners. Deron often does media events and it not afraid to lend his ideas to move our country forward. This is precisely the kind of engagement we need from our entrepreneurial community and is essential in keeping our country strong and prosperous.
Chris F. SpurryExecutive Vice President, Spurry-Curren and Associates, Inc.
Your continued growth and achievements in both business and personal life have always impressed me - in the most positive way. It seems to me that forces of modern life conspire to distract us all from the the values that matter most - honest hard work, commitment, sacrifice, kindness, sincerity, loyalty, integrity, and honor. For the thirty years I have known you, somehow you have kept your bearing and upheld these values, avoiding the temptation to compromise or take the easy path. Good for you Deron, it is truly a pleasure to call you a friend and to witness your steadfast commitment to what really matters in this life . . . people. 

Tony BroomeChief Executive Officer at Burns & Ferrall
Burns & Ferrall have been working with Deron & the FWE team for a number of years, we have found them exceptional to do business with and would have no hesitation on recommending them. It's been great to watch Deron grow the business and we are very proud to be associated with them for many years to come.
Craig WilsonOwner/President, American Recruiters/
Foodservice E&S, HVAC, Specialty Manufacturing and Jan/San
Deron Lichte has a unique blend of integrity, responsibility, leadership, dynamism, and intelligence to make him one of the leaders of our industry. Few companies have had the stellar growth, mostly double digit, utilizing the same facility through productivity improvements and capital investment. At the same time his employees have been fiercely loyal to the company and to him. He cares about their well-being and the team. He is one of the best presidents I have seen, and my job is to evaluate talent in my industry.